Pies for Pitbulls: A Thanksgiving Story

Posted by on Oct 29, 2013 in Corporate Social Responsibility

Pies and pitbulls. These are two of our favorite things. In fact, several years ago, we even toyed with the idea of having a pie truck. Oh yes–long before food trucks crow1349386427_m_f-and-fded the streets of nearly every city across the country, we dreamed of cruising the streets in a souped up Airstream and dishing out delicious cherry, chessboard, apple, and pecan pies.

We didn’t end up with a pie truck but we did end up adopting an adorable pitbull from a rescue called Bully Paws. And of course, we eat pie. In moderation. Except on Thanksgiving.

But we digress.

The the other night we were brainstorming about a creative way to raise money for a local pitbull charity when an email from Food & Friends landed in our inbox touting their Slice of Life campaign. Each purchase provides healthy, home-delivered meals to a child or adult battling HIV/AIDS, cancer or another life-challenging illness.


This was a perfect opportunity to support Food & Friends, sell delicious pie (and make our non-baking friends happy), and raise money for a pitbull rescue. Not just any pitbull rescue, but the organization where Polly, our resident doggie mascot and squirrel chaser, was adopted. polly

So we were able to do some good, get some tasty pie, and support our socially responsible mission, all in one fell swoop. Coolness.

Want some pie? Get yours here.

How does your organization give back? Share your stories in the comments below!

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