6 Brand Voices We Love on Social Media

Posted by on Oct 16, 2013 in Social Media Brand Love

With all the noise and blazing fast pace, it’s not easy to be heard on social media. That’s why brand voices that shine on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram must have a strong, consistent, and unique voice. Some brands on social media go for funny and hip while others lean toward smart and sassy. Some are all about the emotional connection like Pampers and Dove. Others, like Vitamin Water, are clever as hell. Their #MakeBoringBrilliant campaign turned the town of Boring in Oregon on its head; plastered the New York subway with billboards; and continues to have record-breaking numbers on social media.

Here are a few other brands that stand out from the din and connect deeply with their audiences.


jetblue on facebookThe JetBlue personality–a bit silly and quirky–comes through loud and clear on social media. They also tap into the moment, with Facebook posts and tweets tied to news, holidays and events, such as Memorial Day and the government shutdown. And like several other big brands, they keep customer service separate with a different Twitter handle.

Warby Parker

Warby Parker is the skinny-jean wearing, Pabst Blue Ribbon-drinking hipster of social media brands. They are all about customer-driven content from photos to contests to videos, and they’ve masterfully integrated offline marketing, such as their WP school bus, into online promotions. According to Entrepreneur, the strategy behind WP’s Home Try-On campaign is for shoppers to get feedback from their social-media friends and contacts on which pair fits them best, while generating an organic and positive social buzz around Warby Parker’s brand.

Jeni’s Splendid Ice-Cream

If you’ve ever enjoyed Jeni’s ultra-premium ice-cream in insanely delectable flavors like salted caramel and brown butter almond brittle, you know that these folks mean business. Jeni’s may be small but they have an impressive social media footprint. They consistently respond and engage with their 25,000+ Twitter followers in a voice that’s both friendly and personal. Jeni’s Facebook page is packed with enticing images of their superlative ingredients, ice-cream being made, foodie events, and of course, the final product. It makes us hungry just thinking about it.


Loved by environmentally astute clean freaks everywhere, Method has been able to make doing the dishes and laundry, dare we say, almost fun.  On Facebook and Twitter, loyal followers enjoy DIY design ideas, clever cleaning tips, new products, and contests.  Plus, they engage like crazy by responding to just about everyone that tweets about them. If there ever was a brand that made you want to mop your floors and clean the bathroom, this is the one.


oreo on twitterWith a voice that’s whip smart and cheeky, Oreo leaves most other consumer brands in the dust. They masterfully incorporate pop culture references and brilliant hashtags into tweets (“Be hungry. Be very hungry. #TheStufofLegend”) and take being clever to a whole new level. And of course, Oreo practically invented real-time marketing during the Super Bowl blackout with its “You Can Still Dunk in the Dark” campaign. We bow down to you, Oreo.


Dull, passé, staid. AARP’s social media voice is anything but that. The largest membership organization in the world knows that age is just a number and that you can be hip, vital, and fabulous at any age. AARP integrates social media across all of it’s marketing channels, actively engages members and encourages dialogue, and leverages the organization’s deep stores of content including videos, events, magazine articles, reports, and more.


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