12 Influential Sustainability Leaders on Twitter

Posted by on Nov 19, 2013 in Sustainability

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Want to be part of the sustainability conversation on Twitter? The following list, while by no means exhaustive, includes thought leaders, corporate sustainability professionals, company founders, and CSR consultants.  Some of them have high Klout scores on the topic of sustainability. Others are just plain influential and worth following.

1. Hugh Byrne @GreenBizTweets
Senior Vice President of Green Biz Group.

2. Marc Gunther @MarcGunther
Writer and speaker on business and sustainability, editor-at-large Guardian Sustainable Business US, contributor at FORTUNE.

3. Jim Hanna @Jim_Starbucks
Starbucks’ Director of Environmental Impact and Global Responsiblity

4. Jeffrey Hollender @JeffHollender
Founder of Seventh Generation, speaker, author, activist for corporate responsibility, sustainability, and social equity.

5. Rosabeth Moss Kanter @RosabethKanter
Harvard Business School Professor and author of SuperCorp, a look at how a new generation of values-driven businesses do well by doing good.

6 & 7. Adam Lowry @ adam_lowry and Eric Ryan @MethodGuy
Co-founders of Method.

8. Simon Mainwaring @simonmainwaring
CEO We First Inc, author NYT’s bestseller We First, strategic corporate consultant and trainer, father, Australian, optimist.

9. Bill McKibben @billmckibben
Author, Educator, Environmentalist and Founder of 350.org

10. Susanne McPherson @susanmcp1
Passionate connector who believes biz can be a force for good. SVP at Fenton. Angel Investor. Loves adventure, pups, the ocean & running. Host of #CSRChat.

11. Julie Urlaub @TaigaCompany
Sustainability & Social Media Consultant at Taiga Company; Social Media Wiz for Green Biz — Breathing life to social communications.

12. Adam Werbach @AdamWerbach
Co-Founder, yerdle.com, Founder, Saatchi & Saatchi, Author, Strategy for Sustainability. Correspondent for TheAtlantic.com.

For more sustainability leaders on Twitter, visit this article from The Guardian.

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