3 Incredibly Useful Things: Topsy, WordPress, and Docracy

Posted by on Nov 6, 2013 in 3 Incredibly Useful Things

Every day, we discover all types of useful tidbits that make our lives easier–from social media tools to small business software to how to be more sustainable. And since we like to share, we’re going to gather the best for you to enjoy as well.

We hope you find these items as valuable as we do. And if you have suggestions about what to include in the weeks ahead, send them to info@grassfedmediadc.com.

Topsy Screenshot1. Topsy. Need a reliable Twitter tracking tool with smart functionality and a deceptively simple yet powerful interface? Topsy’s got you covered. The tool lets you search tweets, links, photos, videos, and influencers going back to, gasp, 2006. Plus, if you sign up for Topsy Pro Analytics (we took it for a test drive), you can also track sentiment, exposure, influence, domains, and more. You’ll be able to track your campaign’s effectiveness and pinpoint what’s working, and what to improve next time.

2. WordPress Website Emergency Checklist from CopyBlogger. Quick–bet you don’t know how to log into your DNS account. Or maybe you forgot which company hosts your website. Or the password for that account. It’s not surprising really–what with all the logins, accounts, and whatnot. But if you manage a WordPress website, like the one that this site is hosted on, do yourself a favor and download this checklist. Then print it out and store it in a safe place. You’re welcome.

3.  Docracy. Whether you’re a creative consultant, a startup or a small business, chances are you probably use standard legal documents. But tracking down a legit document can be a hassle and hiring a lawyer can be pricey. That’s where Docracy comes in. The site offers an open collection of legal contracts from consulting agreements to NDAs to funding documents for startups. The best part is that the collection is socially curated, free, and customizable. You’ll never have to pay for a supposedly “free” templates again.

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