Should Vine Videos Be Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy?

Posted by on Sep 2, 2014 in Video

By Nicole Duhring

Without a doubt, social media should be a major part of a brand’s content marketing strategy. There are so many avenues and options to choose from it can be extremely overwhelming to know where to focus your efforts. A few weeks ago we discussed how to find the best social media platforms for your business, but we left one out — Vine. So, who’s using it? Is anyone using it? Should your business be using it?

First, a primer and a little background — Vine is a Twitter-owned mobile app that allows users to create six-second videos. The app lets users stop and start recording as many times as they want to create different scenes or one, uninterrupted short video. Twitter acquired the company in October 2012, three months before the product was even released. Vine said a year ago that it had 40 million registered users. While they haven’t updated that number, the company did announce last week that more than 100 million people watch its clips every month. So is it something you should get behind?

Social Media Examiner has a great article on 16 ways businesses are using Vine, including engaging consumers in conversation, getting them excited about a new product, and simply to “educate and amaze.” A HubSpot blog post argues that consumers have extremely short attention spans, so Vine has an advantage over longer commercials in that it keeps people watching for the entire clip. Plus, it’s a free marketing platform. Check out how Gap used Vine to give a close-up of its sneakers:

Wired has a pretty convincing article from last year on why Vine is going to be huge. The main reason, among many? It’s an entirely new art form — allowing more creativity with video while also remaining fundamentally different from other video-sharing outlets. Vita Coco’s approach is definitely creative and worth watching:

Your company may already have a large presence on Instagram, which may make you wonder why you shouldn’t just use their video features instead. And the answer is, maybe you should. This infographic from TechCrunch compares features between the two.


Read the full article here comparing the two platforms.

For some more examples of how businesses are getting creative with their Vine marketing efforts, check out these articles:

Are you using Vine? Have you had any success, and if so, let us know how in the comments below.

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