3 Eco-Beauty Brands That Are #Winning

Offering high-quality products and being environmentally-conscious is essential to your business model, but now that you’ve conquered social responsibility, how do you translate it into social impact? What does it take to win the hearts and minds of your audience across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks?

It’s easy to get your message out and connect with your audience, but how can you use social media to fine-tune the online reputation that you want?

We take a look at how three eco-beauty brands distinguish themselves from the rest with unique and savvy social strategies.

Partner with Influencers


Rose-Marie Swift was already a veteran makeup artist with Streeter’s in New York, working with famous faces like Demi Moore, Zoe Saldana, and Tilda Swinton. When she created her eponymous RMS Beauty make-up line, she quickly counted celebrities Scarlett Johanssen, Olivia Wilde, Cary Underwood, and Kristen Stewart as fans who love her organic, non-toxic cosmetics.

RMS Beauty’s Instagram feed is as captivating as it is beautiful, offering behind-the-scenes looks at Cosmopolitan beauty editors, New York Fashion Week, and selfies with Gisele Bündchen to over 53.2k followers. It also didn’t hurt to get an endorsement from J. Crew, which claims it uses RMS Beauty products on its models. The company keeps its social media updated daily to retain consumer interest, garner press coverage, and ultimately impact the bottom line. Identify the influencers in your industry to help get the conversation going about your brand.

Define Your Message


Brooklyn-based company Meow Meow Tweet is known as much for its whimsical designs as it is for its commitment to creating vegan personal care products. Named after the owners’ cats and bird, Meow Meow Tweet’s products are packaged in glass or 75% post-consumer paper, and sport sketches of felines riding bicycles, building igloos, and other activities that domesticated city animals enjoy.

Drawn by owners and artists Jeff Kurosaki and Tara Pelletier, these “little jokes and stories that we tell in the studio” are what defines Meow Meow Tweet’s unmistakable aesthetic. Along with glimpses into the couple’s stylish, alternative lifestyle at home and at the studio, these sketches endear customers to the brand and reinforce a unified brand identity. Consumers expect consistency, so decide what your company message is, and stay true to it.

Engage Your Audience


For the last century, women have been using what’s akin to car paint on their fingertips, until Zoya revolutionized the nail industry by making “5-free,” vegan nail polish free from toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and DBP.

With over 300 different shades, Zoya regularly paints its social channels with weekly contests, using popular hashtags like #WinMeWednesday to give away prizes and gifts. More importantly, Zoya builds its followers (of 481K fans on Facebook alone) by offering them lots of nail art ideas and chances to post photos of their own manicures. Incentives and inspiration are smart ways to build momentum for your campaigns, create a solid connection with old and new customers, and create excitement and anticipation for your brand.

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