A Social Media Checklist for Businesses

Posted by on Oct 13, 2016 in Social Media Tips

Too much coffee

It’s ok, you can admit it: Sometimes managing all of your social media accounts makes you feel like a juggler hopped up on too many espressos. Between finding quality content to share, tracking metrics, engaging with your followers, building your audience, and staying on top of all the new features and tools that each platform is adding, it can almost be a full time job. That’s why when we find a useful tool, like this handy social media checklist from The Whole Brain Group, we have to share it! Pro tips such as “Don’t forget to tag people and places in your posts” are particularly helpful, especially for novices.

We love the fact that it starts with something that, amazingly, many people overlook: Your target audience. Coming from a journalism background, that was always the golden rule of article writing: Know your audience. The same goes for social media. Focus on content that’s relevant and useful for your target audience and go easy on promotional content–it’ll just annoy the heck out of folks and send them running for the hills.

Do you have any favorite social media tools that keep you from coming an over-caffeinated juggler? Email us info@grassfedmediadc.com and we’ll add them to our resources page.
WBG Social Media Checklist 2016

Infographic courtesy of thewholebraingroup.com

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