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Posted by on Oct 30, 2017 in Client Love, Public Relations

Fall is here! And with it comes some great media coverage for our clients. Here are just a few highlights from the past few months

Bazaar Spices featured in this article on

“Many of us (myself included) are guilty of moving our spice racks en masse from one apartment to another. But did you know you’re supposed to toss spices after six months? So yes, keeping your spices organized and fresh makes a huge difference when it comes to the meals you cook.

Doing a little cleanout might not improve your cooking skills per se (we’ll reserve judgment on that), but it absolutely will make you a more effective chef. In order to get the scoop on how to clean and organize one’s spice stash, we caught up with Ivan Fitzgerald, co-owner of Bazaar Spices in Washington, DC. Below are his tips on how to add a little flavor to your rack.” Read more here!

Bazaar Spices featured on NPR

“…Local Washington spice store, Bazaar Spices, is hosting an immersive spice lounge at the event, which the store’s co-owner, Ivan Fitzgerald, hopes will help tell the story of Asia’s economy, folklore and healing traditions through a variety of distinct flavors.

“Guests of the festival will see, taste, touch, and smell five spices central to the history of Asia,” says Fitzgerald. “Chinese ginger, Cambodian kampot peppercorns, Afghan saffron, Indian turmeric and licorice from Egypt.” With the addition of cardamom, Fitzgerald notes that these six spices can be used to make almost anything across the catalogue of Asian cuisines, from curries to sweets to digestive tonics.” Read more here!

Equinox Restaurant Featured on DC Refined

“The Granny Smith Apple and Almond cake, served with a cardamom zabaione, pumpkin seed streusel and a spiced pumpkin gelato is the perfect finish and really a MUST to end a meal here. The cake itself is a good mix of sweet and tart, and the spices from the gelato and the streusel back it up and give you all the warm and fuzzy feels.” Read more here!

Equinox Restaurant Featured on The Hungry Travelist

“Vegan brunch is hard to come by in the city, so I was kinda interested to check out a spot that broke away from the traditional brunch items. Equinox’s brunch definitely has some traditional items, but also included lots of unexpected twists and turns that were interesting and delicious.” Read more here.

Take Care Shop Featured in Washington Post Express

Owner Becky Waddell shares her tips and advice for the perfect day in DC in this feature article in Washington Post Express. Read the full article here!

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