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Posted by on Feb 20, 2019 in Client Love, Public Relations

What have we been up to in 2019? Oh, you know, just a few things…

We welcomed several new marketing and PR clients to the Grassfed Media family including 7 Locks Brewing, a popular local hotspot in Maryland that makes delicious craft beer. We’re creating a fresh new website and a marketing strategy for them, among other things. The new site will be up in March, and we’re excited to show it to you, so stay tuned!

In what can only be described as kismet, we met the owner of Georgetown Massage and Bodywork while scouting for event space. Now we’re working with them on a marketing and PR strategy to elevate their wonderful, therapeutic wellness offerings, including a sublime CBD massage, apothecary, and more.

We’re also still working with the American Kidney Fund on all things social media-related, which has been extremely rewarding.

Media Coverage

In addition to marketing strategy, social media, and digital media, we’re also busy keeping our clients in the limelight with top-tier media coverage. Check out the latest media mentions for our long-time client Equinox Restaurant, as well as our brand new client, Georgetown Massage and Bodywork:

Raw, vegan chocolate cheesecake. Photo courtesy of Ellen Kassoff/Equinox Restaurant

Client: Equinox Restaurant

The Food Network

5 Tips for Becoming a More Mindful Diner in 2019 

The Washington Post

6 Decadent Chocolate Desserts Perfect for a Valentine’s Outing–or Any Day Really.


Best Vegetarian Restaurants in America


The 38 Essential Restaurants in DC., Winter 2019

Client: Georgetown Massage and Bodywork

DC Refined

CBD massages are the latest way to tap into the cannabidiol

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